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The main areas of activity of the Center which was established in order to examine the almost a thousand-year historical progress of our music, the most important element of the Turkish culture, in cooperation with the relevant departments and divisions of Hacettepe University, and to define our music within the concept of universal music are as follows:

a- Examining some factors of Turkish music such as composition, performance and interpretation within the scope of physics, medicine, acustic, art and other relevant fields, conducting scientific researches, examinations and publications in order to determine the methods and tones in vocal and instrumental performances, supporting the relevant studies,

b- Introducing and preserving the true artistic and expressional power of traditional rich repertory sources in and out of the country,

c- Examining the physical and psychophysical dimensions of the sound system of Turkish music, and cooperating with the relevant departments within the university in this regard,

d- Forming practice groups (instrumental groups, choirs) in order to introduce and develop Turkish music, arranging programs towards voice and instrument trainings,

e- Arraning and participating in scientific activities such as educational and introductory concerts, seminars, conferences and symposiums in and out of the country, cooperating with similar public or private institutions and bodies,

f- Establishing a documentation and archive system for all the written, visual and audial works of art and every information regarding Turkish music,

g- Establishing research and production laboratiories and workshops regarding instruments of Turkish music, cooperating with the relevant departments of the university in this regard,

h- Conducting other activities determined by the Board of Directors.

Turkish Music Research and Application Center